We all know that PayPal is one of the best ways to buy goods online, as it is simple to use, and it is also secure. Luckily, there are enough porn and cam sites that accept it as a way of payment, and we have decided to cover the best of them.

While all these sites are excellent, we will let you know about their specifics which may help you decide which one(s) are worthy of your time and money investment.



LiveJasmin is one of the household names when it comes to webcamming. This site is online for almost two decades, so it is longevity is the best recommendation.

The user-friendly interface will let you change the language and filter performers by different criteria, including the type of show, price, ethnicity, appearance, and other factors that will let you find the ideal cam model for you.

Cam shows look excellent as the quality control is present, and you can watch them without registering. Once you make your profile, it is easy to buy token using your PayPal account whenever you need it.

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Streamate is another huge webcam site, as whenever we have visited it, there were at least a couple of thousands of models online. There is something for everyone, going from teens to grannies, and from trans to gay performers.

The site is well designed and intuitive to navigate, and you can even filter models by their region or the language. Unlike Chaturbate, Streamate will ask you to register before you can view the action, but the process is straightforward. Plus, if you are buying tokens using your PayPal account, expect discounts.

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Chaturbate Cam Site

When you say "Live cams," you probably think about Chaturbate. This cam site offers thousands of performers, from barely legal amateurs to world's best porn stars.

The huge choice may overwhelm you at first, but the navigation options will let you find your favorite cam models and enjoy the content. Buying credits via PayPal on the CB is straightforward, and it is the best way to do it.

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Flirt4Free is all about beautiful girls of all shapes and sizes performing for you. While this doesn't offer the quantity of some others, what is on offer here will still blow your mind. While the focus is on stunning amateur girls, there are gay and transgender performers too.

The interface is simple to use, and almost every cam show offers high-quality sound and video. This is also one of the sites that will encourage you to buy credits using your PayPal account, as the process is smooth.

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MyFreeCams is one of the oldest cam sites in the world, and it is based on its retro interface that you will have to learn how to use. However, your effort will be repaid as there are thousands of models online at any time, so it is easy to find something that you will like.

Once you do the free sign up, adding credits is a breeze via PayPal any time you need it.

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Why PayPal Porn Sites Are Getting Popular

It’s a question that boggles the mind, what is so special about PayPal that people using live porn sites prefer it? Shouldn’t credit cards be good enough? Money is money, right? While all of the above might be true for mainstream purposes, adult entertainment is a whole other beast, mainly because it’s what we’re secretive of the most.

When you take all the fetishes and extremely dirty sexual acts into consideration, the picture becomes clearer, especially when accounting for the fact that you’re paying for pleasure. Even though it’s one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and arguably number one, people like to be snarky about it, hence keeping it all anonymous is a top priority.

No One Can Stick Their Nose In Your Business

Wouldn’t you hate it if someone went rummaging through your purchase history? That’s more than likely to happen, be it by someone you don’t know, or someone you do, you’re always at some kind of risk. PayPal circumvents those issues by leaving no paper trails of your purchases, and the only one having access to those informations is you.

On the other hand, you’ve got banks, who coincidentally love to keep all that valuable info in their catalog. There is also a serious disconnect with real life, your account could very well be flagged, and eventually frozen because there is suspicious activity on your account, and the whole backtracking process is tedious, outright humiliating at times.

It’s easy to see why PP has leverage over traditional payment options, protection is just another thing in line that they’re doing better. Not even hackers will manage to breach your account, and just in case you lose your phone or something else happens, they’ve added a multi-layer account security system, where you can even add your fingerprint as one of the options.

The Best Porn Sites Are Using PayPal

If you’ve ever heard a thing about PP, then you know that they’re a reputable company, so doing business with them doesn’t come easy, you have to earn that privilege. They want to offer you the best possible experience, so they’ve partnered with top-notch PayPal porn sites, of which we’re going to name two standout ones.



Streamate truly has everything, their models range from straight and gay to transsexual, of all ages, body shapes, and sizes. Of course, we can’t refute the wide array of fetishes and kinks that are fulfilled here, there are simply too many to count because no stone gets left unturned, and no customer rejected.

With such diversity, you would think that their prices were sky-high, which would be valid, but you’d also be very wrong. There are dirt cheap shows here, your PayPal account won’t feel a dent in it, and you’re going to have the time of your life, which in and by itself is a reason enough to put Streamate on this list.



While LiveJasmin doesn’t have such diversity, it’s got a prestigious feel to the whole sexual satisfaction. The focus is mainly on female models, who look better than anything you’ve ever seen, if you were to imagine a perfect girl, she probably wouldn’t look as hot as these babes.

PayPal couldn’t have chosen a better first adult site to do business with, even they have noticed what a powerhouse LiveJasmin was, and it’s still at the very top. From the moment you step into this site, you’ll have a smile on your face, and it can only grow wider the longer you extend your stay with some of their dazzling models.

It’s Faster, Has More Support, And Could Earn You Bonuses

We’re all rushing somewhere, time is of the essence, and PayPal is wasting none of yours. Unlike credit cards which might take minutes to make a trade and turn your money into tokens, you can finish the whole process in a matter of seconds, the transfer is almost instantaneous.

Then there’s one of the most important factors, customer support, sometimes you have issues for which you can’t find a solution that easily, and they’re here to help. Usually, you can expect a reply any time of day and night, which banks can’t even stand to compete with considering they work short hours.

Keep an eye out on special offers regarding PayPal, some sites offer greater token value for money. It’s a neat little push in the right direction for all of those who have some doubts, PayPal is simply superior in every way, and once you try it out, there’s no looking back.


PayPal is everything people wished credit cards are, but the technology behind them is ancient at this point. In the world of porn, besides the security of your money, privacy is also in need of protection, and that’s one thing that can’t be regulated by a website you’re visiting.

Thus switching to a secure, superior option for online payments in PP is really important. When you do set up your account, give Streamate and LiveJasmin a look because you’re going to need some trusted PayPal sex cam sites as a starting point, or maybe final ones since they got all you could ever need from an adult site.

4 Premium Porn Sites That Take PayPal

As always it pays off to be cautious when you’re browsing your favorite sex cam site, and there is no better way to heighten your sense of safety than PayPal. It’s without a doubt the one thing anyone who pays for porn should consider because you won’t have to dread the feeling of having your private information or money compromised.

Now, you still have to tread carefully, don’t want any of that money falling into the wrong hands of cam sites that aren’t able to match your expectations. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be spending more money, as a matter of fact, it could be far less if you’re going with the best sites and models money can buy.


Here you’ll feel like a kid in a candy shop, and you can get whichever of these tasty performers you want. There is too much to choose from, so much that you might even be in disbelief, the numbers can surpass 4000 models at once, and statistically looking it’s impossible to chat with each and every one of them during your lifetime.

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Navigation is a piece of cake, the most important filters are quite easy to spot, with detailed ones in the “Advanced Search” menu. All you have to do is go ahead and pick your desired guy, girl, or a tranny model, and the rest is on them, so get ready to drop your boxers and masturbate like never before.

The cost of a show does vary, and you even have a special Gold show which is quite cheaper than the usual experience, but for anything else, expect to drop $1 per hour or more on this porn site. Considering Gold shows are scheduled at a certain time, you might need to act fast with the token purchase, and there is no faster way to do it than with PayPal.


This one always gets me worked up the moment I visit it, and the reason would be the red color of the live webcam site, it has that cushy, mellow feeling to it, erotic, you’ll simply fall in love. If that doesn’t do it for you, then the models will, it’s hard to put in words how sexy they are, faces looking pretty like they’re ripped out of a Hollywood movie.

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Even the most computer illiterate will love some of the features here, like room preview with a simple mouse hover over a chat room. The little things can go far, but when you reach the big guns, then get ready for a showdown, you won’t even think of leaving before that cum gun of yours overheats from shooting.

Pricing on LiveJasmin can get spicy for the top-of-the-line models, but you’re hardly going to notice a difference at the start of your journey from the $1 per minute models. When it’s all said and done, you still don’t want anyone in your household finding out your bank statements and finding out what your pastime has been, and thankfully PayPal is here to cover for you.


Probably the most popular site out of the bunch, and for a reason, you can watch some spicy action for free, and whenever you’re feeling like participating, just drop some tokens. The system here is based on tipping, depending on how much you tip, the models perform various things, meaning you spend as little or much you want.

Click Here To Visit Chaturbate Site!

You can still opt-out for a private show, that’s where the real, hardcore, orgasm-inducing entertainment is. Filtering is set in tags, and there are too many to count, basically, every model makes their own, so you can pinpoint the search to the finest detail, and you will need to in the sea of options.

Once you link in your PayPal account, you’ll be able to purchase the on-site currency in bundles, and as the price increases, so do your bonus tokens. From then on it’s a wild ride, so don’t forget to check out the Couples section, especially if you love gangbangs and orgies, and you can control the toys, or more importantly how they bang those tight holes.


Last but not least, Flirt4Free is a mixture of everything above, at least the good sides of those porn sites. The look is quite modern, and the models are held to a high standard, I dare you to go into the Male section and find a guy without a chiseled six-pack, you probably won’t find him.

Click Here To Visit Flirt4Free Site!

Girls on the other hand are looking like they fell out of heaven, but the way they play is anything but angelic. These chicks can’t contain their primal urges, they’ve got all the dildoes ready, along with the cuffs, gags, buttplugs, and all the other good stuff.

Don’t be surprised if you get hooked up on the models, they’re that good. You would surely hate it if someone was to hack into your account and yank those tokens out of it, but that won’t happen with PayPal, their security is impossible to break through, so you can rest assured that your masturbation material will always be on stand by.


There you have it, crème de la crème of porn sites, you won’t find any better. It makes perfect sense to use them alongside your PayPal account, you don’t have to worry about any of the problems credit card users do, no one gets your info, which usually results in far more enjoyable shows, so get yourself ready for moments which will be forever etched in your mind.

Live PayPal Cam Chat

Are you looking for a better way to enjoy your camming experience? The models are as good as they come if you know where to find them, but there are also other factors like payment options, and we can help you with both. It’s tough to find your safe haven, a place where you know each minute will count, and you’ll be able to relax.

With live PayPal cam chat, you can have everything you need to relieve yourself of that daily stress after long hours at work. It’s the fastest and most reliable way to access a cam site, and honestly, every user should at least consider it.

What is PayPal?

I’m sure most of you already know what PayPal is, but in case you don’t, don’t sweat it, everything will be crystal clear in a moment. PayPal is a payment processor, kind of like a bank that specializes in online-related purchases and money transfers, regardless of the currency you use, dollars, euros, they’re all here.

How it works is you have to link a credit card and transfer funds to your PayPal account, easy as that. You must be wondering “how different is it from a credit card then?”. And the answer, in short, is night and day difference. Credit cards are naturally linked to a bank, and every purchase you make is pretty much publicly available, or there are some traces left that lead back to you at the very least.

And that in itself is quite dangerous, considering the adult industry is still somewhat a hush-hush subject, even though it’s hypocritical that pretty much all of us jerk off at home to such things, you don’t want everyone to know it. PayPal on the other hand will keep your little secrets hidden, and you’re going to be safe while camming.

What Makes PayPal So Good For Cam Sites?

First of all, whenever you make a purchase, your name, address, and all other sensitive data will be hidden from the site you’re buying tokens from. PP doesn’t care where your money is going, and they’re a reputable company that doesn’t make deals with just any site, so you’re killing two flies with one strike.

So you’re set with anonymity and an additional layer of safety just like that. What credit cards are usually suffering from are hackers and their relentless attempts to steal your CC info while you’re using it. With PayPal, you don’t have issues with any of those, which is a huge step forward because that’s one of the things you shouldn’t worry about in the first place.

You’re being discreet, your money is safe, and you’re getting a lightning-fast money transfer to any cam site, it’s not a good match, it’s literally perfect. You get to rekindle some old flames, rediscover all the fetishes you’ve wanted to try out, all without a single worry that someone is going to find out unless you’ve got someone peeping through your window.

Which PayPal Cam Sites Are the Best?

You won’t have a clear winner here, there are multiple sites that allow PayPal, but you should also take care and choose the ones who have the best performers, are able to fulfill your desires. With that set in mind, there are two that stand out:

If you’re one of those guys who wants fetishes stacked on one another, then this one would be a clear winner. Anything from amateurs, DP, BDSM, or anything that comes to mind, it’s right here. And if you do visit it, then try out as much as you can, because there’s a mind-boggling number of performers, and the prices are dirt cheap.

One of the best known cam sites on the planet. The female and tranny models here are jaw-droppingly beautiful, it’s almost like you’re dreaming considering how stunning they are. There are far fewer guys, but they’re no less amazing, and with both, you know that you’ll be getting 110% out of them, their goal is to have you busting mega fat loads.

It’s Time to Try Out a Live PayPal Cam Chat for Yourself

There you have it guys and gals, if you want to be safe rather than sorry when watching porn on your screens, play it safe, use PayPal, it’s like wearing a condom, but with none of the negatives, and all the protection.

For the smoothest ride possible, remember to check out LiveJasmin and Streamate, you want the best, we all do, and it doesn’t get better than these two.

PayPal Porn Sites Give You Enhanced Privacy

Porn and PayPal, just saying that has a nice ring, almost like the two are made for each other, which wouldn’t be so far away from the truth. Adult sites like Streamate are a big part of our life, sometimes rubbing one out is more of a pastime thing, but however you view it, both me, you, and millions of other people love it.

As you can already guess, most people like to keep that side of their private life hidden, even though we’re ready to throw some money for the sake of being entertained. Unfortunately, your identity is something credit card companies and banks can’t retain from the seller, which regarding porn sites is an issue.

How is my privacy endangered?

There is always a reason why you don’t want to have your name listed next to some explicit sites, and that’s fine, we all have one. Maybe it’s a nosy friend, a neighbor, or even your significant other, in the end, it doesn’t really matter, you don’t want to risk it and that’s all there is to it.

Banks are notorious for having some security systems which block or freeze your account on a “suspicious purchase”, regardless if it’s being you. Basically, they know what you’re doing, and the very thought that someone who works there might know someone who knows you and tell them all about those dirty little secrets is honestly scary.

Even your credit card statements, if mailed, are a threat to security, what if someone gets handed all that sensitive info by mistake, or just happens to open it before you do? You would just be taking an unnecessary risk, which can easily be avoided, and you wouldn’t even bat an eye.

Alright then, how can I protect it?

Opening a PayPal account is not even that big of a deal, kind of like signing up for a website, that’s about as long as it takes. The deal with it is that you’re able to withhold all the crucial information from third-party sites, even from the one you’re using the funds on, in the eyes of PayPal, you’re a total nobody.

Obviously, to be able to pay with PayPal, you need some funds, and there are a couple of ways you can obtain them:

  1. By transferring money from your credit cards.
    Although it might seem risky because you’re in direct contact with a bank, this is the most common way, and even better it’s completely safe, you’re transferring some funds onto an online wallet basically, no one will bat an eye.
  2. Get paid through PayPal.
    Be it some part-time engagements, or your regular online job, if you’re bypassing the banks, then you’ll at least feel some mental ease, despite both of these methods being quite similar in terms of safety.

But How Does PayPal Actually Protect me?

In order to make the safest environment for their customers, PayPal has been build by internet-savvy technicians who are able to keep you behind the curtains. First and foremost, logging in is not that easy, besides your credentials, you won’t be able to log in without an SMS verification, a fingerprint, or some other method.

Then when you decide to pay for something, a confirmation mail will come into your inbox, and it’s best if you’re using one for this purpose only. That way, they are making sure that it actually is you buying a bunch of tokens on a cam site.

Lastly, you’re safe from potential hackers, throughout its existence, PayPal’s security has never been breached, and that’s at the very least admirable. Oh, and let’s not forget about the customer service, whenever you’ve got an issue, they will be quick to step in and resolve an issue.


At the core, PayPal is known as a go-to payment processor for lovers of premium adult services all around the world. It makes sure that you can rub one out without ever feeling the dread and anxiety that something might go wrong, or that somebody will get a hold of your valuable anonymity.

It should be noted that not all sites have PayPal included, mainly because the team behind it cherry-pick who they do business with and that’s another big win for its users, you know a site is legit and of high quality, if they’ve got it as a payment option.

5 Reasons To Buy Porn With PayPal

There are heaps of sites that feature premium adult content, one after another, you’re bound to land some pretty amazing ones who offer different payment options. It doesn’t matter what your fetish is, you’ll find something that fits your style, but you should always keep in mind that there are multiple risks involved in purchasing with a credit card.

With PayPal, however, there are multiple positive sides propelling your experience to new heights, namely with the protection, but also with some other benefits. Let’s not keep you waiting, here are the 5 most important things you should know about buying porn with PayPal.

Secured and Protected

The most important thing on this list, and I know many will agree with me, you want to keep your money safe and hidden from pesky hackers. At some point in our life, we are guaranteed to have our privacy breached by someone, but it’s infinitely easier to know that you won’t have issues with money.

End-to-end encryption means your wallet info will not be revealed even to the porn site you’re using the funds on. In other words, you can buy things without ever revealing how much money you have on there, no matter where and when you’re using PayPal to purchase stuff.

There is also a second authorization, mostly through a security code that gets sent to your phone number, or a fingerprint authorization. It should be noted that it’s not entirely impossible that your account can be breached, but you would have to be so unbelievably unlucky to lose your phone and a bunch of passwords, plus get that fingerprint copied, which is hardly going to happen.

Anonymity Guaranteed

There is a face behind every name, but what if there is no name in the first place? That’s right, PayPal isn’t going to leave any of your personal information to the recipient, making everything you do on a porn or live sex cam site a total unknown, and most people love it better that way.

Usually when you pay for porn, credit cards leave traces, which are available to people you could know. For example bank statements, the easiest way to leave breadcrumbs someone might follow, or just a bank clerk who can see that info, and if he’s an acquaintance, you might be compromised.

The truth is, some people still think that paying for porn is somehow beneath them, and they will project those thoughts on others. It’s way easier to avoid all those unpleasantries by purchasing with PayPal and not having to worry about such a thing.

Gotta Go Fast!

Money is money, but time is also money, and no one wants to waste either. With PayPal, there are no complicated steps you have to take to log into your account and transfer the funds. With a credit card you’re bound to type in a bunch of numbers, maybe get declined for whatever reason, and do it all over again.

Compare that to your usual e-mail and password, they are surely muscle memory by now, most of us type that in without even thinking which is time-saving. The transaction of funds itself is an even quicker thing, taking just a dozen seconds before you’re topped up on some new jerk-off material.

Top-Notch Customer Support

How many times did you have to wait around at a bank and talk to undertrained clerks about an issue you’ve stumbled upon while paying something online and watch them make faces as if someone just whipped out their dick in public and started fucking a tree? Tell you what, even once is too many times to lose sleep over something like that.c

Thankfully, PayPal’s people know their stuff, it’s fairly easy to contact them, by phone, or e-mail and your issue will get resolved quickly. Maybe you’ve transferred too much money, overpaid something, or need help with something entirely else, you’ll be greeted by thoughtful customer support who have your best interest at heart.

Some Bonuses To Seal The Deal

It’s no secret that PayPal was hesitant to open their doors for adult content, but they did gradually start and are extremely careful who they do business with. This also means that you as well can be sure of your choice, if a cam site has PayPal listed as their payment option, then you know they’re not going to scam you.

An even better thing is that some sites offer bonuses on your purchases if you’re doing them with PayPal, sometimes it’s 10-20% more tokens, other times you’ll collect points each time you buy, or you’ll simply get the same as you would by paying with a credit card, but pay less.


The traditional means of payment are still useful, but when internet purchasing comes into question, you’re better off using an alternative. PayPal has mastered the art of protecting their users from some things banks so far haven’t been able to by not being interested in developing the technology, or just not having the knowledge.

Porn is a big part of our daily lives, and in order to make the best out of it, you should go with the best payment option, and enjoy the way it is supposed to be; with a rock-hard cock.

3 Best Sex Webcam Sites That Accept PayPal

The PayPal we all love wasn’t that lax on adult content until recently, thankfully opinions are fluid, and they change in time for the better. Cam sites were amongst the first to get a green light, and with a solid reason, the community is growing into epic proportions, and it would be a shame to not have an option besides credit cards.

The superiority of PayPal is obvious, the safety and quickness of their service make perfect logical sense to be paired with adult content, especially when we account for anonymity. Still, even amongst all the sites that have it implemented, you should always go for quality, and that definitely shortens the number of sex cam sites on our list.



This site is so diverse that most of the people just end up scrolling through the models to see what kind of a thing they are going to stumble upon. With thousands of models streaming from all parts of the world, it’s really a mixed bag of interests and fetishes, guaranteeing their customers some intense pleasure in the live porn rooms on the SM website.

Click Here To Visit Streamate Site!

Searching for the desired model is quite easy, all you have to do is click on the “Advanced Search” button and you will have all the filters popping up. They are even conveniently split into four groups, for Girls, Guys, Trans, and Couples, so you can focus on certain parts quite easily.

With a long tradition, Streamate is at the very top of the food chain, so it was only a matter of when they are going to implement PayPal. The registration itself will ease you into linking your account, for which you will spend no longer than a minute, along with the time needed to purchase some credits.



There is little that can be said about LiveJasmin that hasn’t already been told a million times. They’re amongst the best for a reason, first of all, their models. There is no easy way to describe that level of beauty, especially amongst the females and trannies, it’s as if they’ve found everyone who is flawless and managed to recruit them.

Click Here To Visit LiveJasmin Site!

Male models are no less impressive, but there are not so many of them, and yet they still manage to surprise even the grumpiest customers. The second reason would be their will to take a leap before anyone else, every new technological advancement that could be implemented into the cam sites, you will probably see here first.

LiveJasmin has been pioneering its way into various payment options as well and has paved the way for other cam sites when PayPal is in question. Perfect service like this one will make you feel like every penny is money well spent, and there is no reason to think otherwise.


Chaturbate Cam Site

At sheer numbers Chaturbate is a clear winner, there are too many performers to even count, page after page, surpassing 10000 at certain points of the day. With so many people online and a vastly popular “Couples” tab, you can find practically anything from midgets to pornstars here, and that’s not a joke.

Click Here To Visit Chaturbate Site!

So how do you find anything in that jungle? Easy peasy, the tags are your guides, and there is pretty much anything you can imagine under this sun listed there. From the usual all the way to some tags which only a couple of models use, so you’ll know that they’re special, and maybe just the thing you need.

Even though the “Free Cams” business model is propagated on Chaturbate, there is no fun without some tokens. Whether you want to go private, or just watch a live show (which are more popular), buying those tokens with a PayPal account will increase the gratification you get tenfold.


Credit cards are old news, not because they’re “So 2010’s”, but because of the lessened security for your money, and your identity. Sex cam sites, no matter how mainstream is still under scrutiny from the public, and you wouldn’t want your info and buying history leaking out to some banker or being in someone else’s hands through your statements.

PayPal webcams offer a simple solution to our lonely jerk-off sessions, another human being of flesh and meat, and with these three sites, we can’t go wrong. There are hours upon hours of fun waiting, and honestly, I know you can’t wait to check out some of those fantastic performers.

Why You Should Consider PayPal Porn Sites

Are you still using your credit card for porn? If yes, I applaud your bravery, adult content may be a no-no at your bank, and most of them will freeze your account in case something like “xxxhardcoreanal charged $****” pops out in your statements, and that’s something that shouldn’t be risked.

You’re also an easier target for hackers, we all know good that not all porn sites can be trusted with sensitive data, especially if you’re keeping a lot of money on a credit card. Some, not saying it’s you, but some hide their late-night shenanigans away from a girlfriend or a wife.

It may all be harmless little fun, but you don’t want to come home from a long day of work one day and get “the talk” as if you’re a teenager because she found out on those statements what you’ve been doing. That may be the scariest situation of all, and it can all be avoided quite easily.

We’re talking PayPal, you must have heard about it so far, the online payment processing service, the biggest one in the world, that kind of thing. It’s still your money, you’re doing whatever with it, but what makes it so different from traditional options?

Safety first, think of it as a condom, but you’re protecting your money with it. The only way someone could probe into your account is if you share the e-mail and password, and your phone, and your fingerprint with it because there are multiple steps to make sure it’s really you at log-in.

That’s before all the things that you can’t see like their personal protection which bars hackers from harvesting any data related to your account. Banks usually don’t go that far to protect their users, mostly because they know you’ll come to them, crawling, and begging for a resolution in case anything happens to your money.

The way PayPal’s customer service openly communicates with their users and is available at any time is only going to increase the level of trust you have in them, it goes both ways after all.

Then we’ve got personal information, your name, address, all those things you don’t want strangers to know and are openly available any time you pay with a credit card, those are gone. There certainly is no need for a name behind the money when you’re purchasing a non-physical product online, which is why PayPal hides it from anyone else but themselves.

Instead of dreading every moment after the initial visit to a cam site where you’ve been masturbating with a 10/10 hottie, thinking someone is going to find out, or even worse blackmail you for it, you can be as careless as a whisper.

Last, but not least, speed. We’re living in a busy world, time is of the essence, and it can be a difference between a full-blown boner and a flaccid cock, so you want to do the transfer with a porn site as soon as possible, and PayPal is no stranger to quickness.

Instead of typing those numbers, missing one, and then smashing your keyboard instead of genitals, you will need to complete a simple log-in, which I’m sure is like second nature to most of us, we do it on autopilot most of the time without even noticing.

Porn is what it is, we’re sexual beings, and relieving all the pent-up tension shouldn’t be followed by more headaches. PayPal is like a godsend, it does everything better than a credit card can do, and it ensures you have a smooth sail on the rivers of lust.

Pay For Porn With PayPal

Let’s face it, the sex industry has shaped itself into something new with every new technological advancement, and so far the internet has proven to be the best medium for any and all nudity. Of course, these types of services are not free, nor should they be, a lot of people have dedicated their time and skills towards creating something you would watch, no questions asked.

Credit cards have served us well, they still are an important part of our daily lives, but in terms of online shopping, especially when porn is in question, they are inferior. Enter PayPal, for many years this payment processing giant’s doors have been closed for all adult-related sites, but they have turned around.

There is a certain stigma around sex, but cam sites aren’t unregulated anymore, all of the models have to prove their age (Which is the biggest concern), and give written consent, and their record is kept by the site just in case it’s needed. That might have been one of the reasons why PayPal has changed their mind.

The other, no less important, is the money, porn pays, it draws incredible amounts of traffic, and that converts into cold, hard cash. But why would PayPal be such a big deal? It’s simple, we still want to keep a semblance of privacy in our lives, and not having a name on the receipt helps with that goal.

Some banks even have the right to block your account for suspicious activity, and guess what counts as “suspicious”? You guessed it right, porn, somehow they make it seem like no one is fucking nowadays and that it’s some kind of sin, but whatever, there is no judging from an online payment processor.

One other thing is that your money is far safer on a PayPal account, you can have it stored without any physical evidence, and online traces can be removed in their entirety by keeping all the info in your head.

There are a lot of sites you can visit to pay for porn with PayPal, but you should stick to the well-known players in the industry like LiveJasmin and Streamate. It’s all about having a site you can trust, and customer support plays a big part in it, which is what these two have perfected.

Any time of day or night, you can get someone to talk to you, it’s a matter of moments you have to wait through. Just imagine you’ve deposited too much, added a zero while purchasing tokens, and need it back, well, it’s not an issue at all, everything is quickly resolved, that kind of service you won’t get even on some big mainstream sites.

Now you get to rub one out from the comfort of your home, and not only that, these are real people of flesh and bones who you’re communicating with in real-time. Some may be way out of your league, don’t worry, we’ve all been there, but now you don’t need to worry if she’s going to like you because you’re paying.

Even going on a date can be more expensive, and who’s got time for that nowadays? Just set up a PayPal account, register to a sex cam site, and enjoy your day off on it as long as you please in total comfort.

We’re living in the 21st century, there is no such thing that can’t be done on the internet, and when you add porn into the mix with it and PayPal, it becomes clear as day what the best way to have fun is.

PayPal Porn Sites in 2021

It’s no secret that PayPal has become an alternate payment option for all things online-related, it’s infinitely faster and safer to use, besides having one big advantage over credit cards; anonymity. That’s especially useful on porn sites, so a lot of them are using PayPal, which makes it easier for all of us to enjoy some live sex cams.

But you still should be wary of which ones you’re going to trust your money with. It’s not so much a threat of getting scammed, but rather the quality involved, everyone wants to get a bang for their buck, unfortunately, some are going to be a total bust, but we’re here to make sure it doesn’t happen.



One of the sites that never fails to amaze its fans with new features, and although PayPal on this porn site called LiveJasmin is old news, the quality of service is always evolving. As time went by and other sites went by, this one remained, stood the test of time, and became one of the best out there.

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What really gems it, are the models, the girls are stars of this show, anything from 18-year-olds, to MILFs, from any part of the world, and all of them looking incredibly beautiful. The “Boys” section is less populated, but these hunks are equally stunning, and the private shows are an absolute banger.

If you’ve ever thought of what a high-end cam site would look like, then don’t search any further. From the moment you lay eyes on the homepage you will notice how nice it looks, but it’s even nicer when you treat yourself to some orgasms by enjoying HD quality, all of which is going to leave some long-lasting impressions.



Let’s not fool ourselves, having more than 2000 models online at any time is a feature that you won’t see often, and it talks about how good Streamate is. Maybe the fact that PayPal is included as a payment option has something to do with it, more people, more traffic, more models.

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Of course, the groundwork has existed from the very beginning, the various types of fetishes included, or in this case, encouraged by the site, have laid the foundation for what it’s going to become. Nowadays there are so many different niches included that you can find whatever little quirk gets your blood rushing towards your genitals.

The gold shows are something Streamate is recognizable for, and while they sound expensive, those shows are actually the cheapest option you have. For a small price, you and a bunch of other guys can get a special private show, it’s a good way to get a solid thrill for pocket change.


Chaturbate Cam Site

This list wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite free cam site. Chaturbate functions a bit differently, with a focus on live shows, where users flock together and tip the desired amount of tokens, which dictates what the model is going to do next, either they reach a goal or you tip enough that they do what you want them to.

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Sometimes it takes just a bit of tokens for some models to go over the tipping point, and when you’re eager to get some action fast, PayPal is the best because you’ll transfer the funds in a minute and make it back to see everything you’ve been craving for.

Honestly, if you’re looking to get some fun for the least amount of money, consider Chaturbate as your go-to site. There are so many models that I’ve lost count, I think even the owners have, but what really matters is that not one of them is going to disappoint you, regardless of the expertise level.


If you’re looking for a way to level-up your self-gratification and have some funds on a PayPal account, these three live porn sites should be more than enough to keep you busy. Some people are worried others might find out all about their dirty little secrets, but with this payment option, you won’t be dreading any undesired side-effects.

All right, there might be some, your cock will be milked out so much that you’ll have friction burns on it after finishing too many times with all those alluring models.

PayPal Cam Sites

We all love to enjoy the best models, and the way they bring our kinks to life with their performances, but the way we pay for private shows is more important than ever. Keeping your privacy hidden is one of the main reasons why switching to a credit card alternative is gaining traction amongst customers on the cam sites.

There are still some who haven’t made the leap to a better option, but those who did, show certain respect towards their visitors. With PayPal, you’re keeping your online ventures anonymous, while also having better security for your money, whereas credit cards have been proven to take a hit by hackers. Here are some of the best live porn websites which offer PayPal as a payment option.



There is not much to say about this site that hasn’t been told, for all the lovers of professional live shows with dedicated models, it’s the first stop, and sometimes the only one once they get to know it better. The signup process couldn’t be any simpler, and on top of that, it’s quite fast, taking only a couple of minutes of your time along with the PayPal account linking.

From there on you can select a certain package of credits and safely buy it knowing there are no recurring payments or exposure of your identity as PayPal takes those kinds of issues seriously and protects you from start to finish.

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All that’s left for you is to pick a type of performer which is easily done with filtering options, and you can check them out without even entering the chat room by hovering with your mouse over it. To make matters even easier, you can go through their bio and ask in chat if they’re willing to perform certain fetishes for you before going into the private chat.



Another big player who offers a lot of diversity to their users, and has a huge following from all around the world, especially because of their openness to various fetishes. Before any of that happens, you will have to create an account which thanks to the simplicity of the site doesn’t take long, and picking PayPal makes the entire process much faster and safer.

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The built-in currency, or Gold, averages at about 1 for $1, which makes it easier for you to keep track of money, and you can limit daily spending. It’s one more way to keep you safe, alongside PayPal which makes sure your online activity doesn’t fall into the wrong hands with annoying bank statements, instead, you just get a confirmation e-mail.

The site itself has some cool features like Gold Shows, which cost less as all you need are a few Golds to bid, and when the model reaches a certain threshold, it’s going to start for everyone who chipped in. But if you want the experience to be all about yourself, go for the regular private shows where you’ll be treated like a king.

How about other PayPal porn sites that will make you cum so hard that you will come back for more fun a one day after another.


Chaturbate Cam Site

Probably the site with the most traffic out of all live cam sites, there are always thousands of performers, day and night, and you can watch them all in action without ever going into private shows. The account is not a must, you are free to watch the shows without it, but having no means of interaction with models outright sucks.

After all, it takes such a small amount of your time, and if you’re actually looking to get some private shows, it’s best you link up your PayPal, skip multiple steps of approval and headaches you would have with credit cards, and get some tokens which are dirt cheap, going at $8 to $11 per 100, depending on the type of package, the more you buy, the less it costs.

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You can spend them to tip the models in live shows, and depending on how much you do, a certain action will be performed. If that’s not your kind of thing, then go for the private shows which are fantastic in the value they bring to the table, especially since there are a lot of couples or groups here, it’s going to be like you’re directing personal porn.


I wouldn’t be surprised if you already know of these PP cam sites, it’s hard to bypass them even for the newer users, but if you haven’t then don’t look further because you won’t find any better ones. For those of you who do decide to check them out, make sure to create an account because it reaps a lot of benefits, it’s free, and as a new user, you would be eligible for something extra on most of them.

Just remember to use a PayPal account, and ensure your private shows stay between four eyes, and your money doesn’t get mishandled or stolen.